The 24th of March a Murray River Turtle was brought into care after being hit by a car. She was named Flower. Flower’s injuries were horrific, with a piece of shell broken and hanging from the top and a large break in shell underneath, exposing internal organs.

The Roma Vet Clinic stabilised her for the night with pain relief and antibiotics. She was in such a bad condition; it was thought she wouldn’t survive the night. Flower’s medical needs were more than MWCEC could provide her, she needed specialised care.

MWCEC contacted M.A.D Exotics & Reptile Care who are based in Toowoomba to organise specialised care for Flower. She was transported to Toowoomba the following day, where she was assessed, and an action plan was organised.

Flower had 3 major fractures all Grade 3 and 4 in her shell and in a critical condition and was too unstable for surgery. For these fractures rehabilitation can be up to 6-18 months.

A turtle with a bandage on its head

Description automatically generatedFlower’s favourite food in care is fresh prawn and shrimps. She is stable  in care but has a very long way to go.  We are thankful to M.A.D Exotics & Reptile Care for the specialised care, regular updates, and photos of Flower.

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