With Whiskas weighing 1.5kg and Paxton 1.8kg they move onto the next stage of life, closer to release – an outdoor enclosure. MWCEC acquired a big red extra-large tub for the echidnas. The tub was partly filled with dirt, soft logs, the echidna burrow boxes, and their baby blankets already for Whiskas and Paxton. The echidnas absolutely loved the extra room and dirt to burrow and move about in.

The two puggles covered in large spikes, required gloves for handling. Whiskas and Paxton were weaned from Wombaroo Echidna Late milk formula to slowly introducing Wombaroo Echidna Adult food and feeding daily. The Echidna adult food when mixed with required warm water is of a pumpkin soup consistency and smells awful.

Once feeding completely on the adult food daily, termites were added, so they get the taste of termites before release. The ‘word’ was shared on Facebook for live termite mounds around Roma. A first for MWCEC collecting termites, not something you can purchase online. Luckily the mounds were soft from all the recent rain. Termites and mounds were collected and securely contained in large plastic tubs until required. Instinctively, both Whiskas and Paxton knew exactly what the termite mounds were for and how to use their beaks to get the termites.

MWCEC Echidnas Whiskas and Paxton ready for release!!


On the hunt for the perfect release spot for our special pair. The spot required a good source of food e.g. lots of termite mounds and lots of soft logs, but close enough for daily feeding through support of Echidna Adult food. Echidnas in care, even though they have been released still require support feeding till they believe they can do this all by themselves. Some echidnas who have been in care can come back to their surrogate “home” which is their burrow boxes every night for a week or longer, each echidna is different.

Luckily enough one of MWCEC carers had the perfect property release spot, which was far enough away from people and cars but closer enough to support their required diet.

It was time for Whiskas and Paxton to leave their big red extra-large tub and return to their natural environment.

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