Under 8’s Day at St John’s School 2021

Under 8’s Day at St John’s School 2021

On the 24th June MCWEC was invited to be a part of Under 8s at St John’s School. Under 8’s Day is designed to embrace the joy of learning with many different activities.

Tracey Regan with the help of Ann-Maree Clancy provided the students with a wonderful opportunity to be up close with a Swamp Wallaby (Holly) and a Red Kangaroo (Monty).

The students were able to pat Holly and Monty and ask questions about the joeys. As well as colour in an Emu or Kangaroo or Koala mask.

Thank you Tracey for organising this for the students. It was such a busy day for all. Holly and Monty slept well after all the attention they received.

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