Rescue Kits for Wildlife


Rescue Kits for Wildlife

MWCEC have put together Car Wildlife Rescue Kits which can be purchased. All proceeds from the kits goes to providing food, equipment and medication for the wildlife in care.

The kits have necessary items for when you are travelling and come across an injured or orphaned animal. It is helpful to have these items in your car that can assist you the rescuer to keep the animal safe and secured on the way to a wildlife carer or Vet clinic.

The kits contain pouches, torch, pillowcase, towel, disposable gloves, work gloves, pliers, crochet nests, information booklet, container refund information, MWCEC contact details, box, hand sanitiser, safety pins and scissors all secured in a calico bag.

If interested in purchasing a Car Wildlife Rescue kit please contact us either by our website, phone, or Facebook page.

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