Nankeen kestral (Falco cenchroide)

Nankeen kestral (Falco cenchroide)

The Nankeen kestrel, also known as the Australian kestrel, is a slender raptor (bird of prey) native to Australia and New Guinea. The Nankeen kestrels are found in most areas of Australia. It is one of the smallest falcons 28 to 35cm long with a wingspan of 66 to 78 cm. They nest in a wide variety of sites, including tree hollows, caves, ledges on the outside of buildings and occasionally on the ground. The pair of kestrels usually stay together and will often use the same nest site or territory year after year. MWCEC had the pleasure of caring for not one but two Nankeen kestrels, Whiskas and Solo. Whiskas came into care on the 2nd November 2022 and Solo came into care on the 18th November 2022. These little fluff balls grew very quickly eating 2 to 3 mice each day, which was chopped up for easier eating. A total cost of feeding them mice per day was $11.00.  Whiskas was successfully released on the 23rd November 2022 and Solo successfully released 2nd December 2022. Both kestrels were released in the same territory they were found

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