Roma, 6th September – The dramatic rescue unfolded in Fowles Street, when residents reported hearing the distressed barking of nearby puppies, at what turned out to be a stranded koala. Concerned citizens quickly contacted the Maranoa Wildlife and Education Centre (MWCEC) group, setting in motion a swift response.

Upon arriving at the scene, the MWCEC carers found the koala, clinging to a Tipuana tree. The young male koala estimated to be around three years old, had somehow found himself stranded at about 8 foot off the ground and appeared to be in distress.

The rescue operation was no small feat. Ranger Bob, Ranger Jeff and Boobook worker Michael Cunningham, had to carefully ascend the tree using specialized equipment designed to minimize stress to the koala.

Once safely on the ground, the koala was examined by the rangers who confirmed that, aside from “grunting, screaming and biting”, being understandably stressed, he was in overall good health. Michael and Rangers’ Jeff and Bob released the koala back into the wild, where he quickly scampered up another tree and resumed his normal koala activities.

This heartwarming rescue serves as a testament to the unwavering commitment of National Parks and Wildlife rangers and the Maranoa Wildlife Carers, along with their fellow Boobook workers to protect the country’s cherished icons, one koala at a time.

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