Jelly our Emu

Jelly our Emu

Emus are the second largest bird species in the world after ostriches. They are native to Australia and are found throughout the country. Emus are flightless birds with small vestigial wings, long necks, powerful legs and distinctive feathers. They are omnivores (an animal that eat a variety of food of both plant and animal origin) eat a variety of foods, including plants, insects, small animals and even stones and dirt.

On the 14th October 2021 Jelly joined the MWCEC family. Jelly was found alone in a paddock 45minutes from Injune. She/he was brought into care where she/he thrived with a wildlife carer. Jelly loved vegies peas, corn, carrot and mealworms were the favourite along with blueberries.

Jelly was released on a property near Injune on the 3rd January 2022. Such a positive and satisfying outcome.

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